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Connecting Content to Innovation

fullstopp’s new service

matching publishers with start-ups

Many publishers see the need to enhance the core business with the integration of new business models of start-ups. Yet, start-ups function in many perspectives differently than traditional companies. This makes the valuation as well as the integration of the new approaches into the strategy of the investing company difficult – which is where fullstopp comes into action.

Market expertise
fullstopp screens markets and start-ups to understand developments and find the successful start-ups of tomorrow

fullstopp evaluates the investor's strategy to find start-ups that match the long-term goals

Proactive knowledge exchange
fullstopp manages a proactive knowledge exchange with direct communication and workshops

Advantages over pure financial investments
Opportunities for close, strategic cooperation - secure legal framework - limited risk through continuous reporting of start-ups and further market analysis

Our Own Investments Combine
Innovation and Business Expertise

Within 12 months, fullstopp built an attractive investment portfolio.


Leading platform for Open Access monograph publishing

  • 3,5-fold increase of titles submitted
  • 65% growth of participating publishers

Europe‘s leading biotech news site

  • 139% growth of monthly unique visitors
  • 3-fold revenue growth within 11 months

Worldwide leading for forecasting content analysis

  • 10-fold increase of titles with 40k+ words
  • 7-fold upsurge of words read on platform

Strategic Investment Partnership:

Reporting and Knowledge Transfer

  • Monthly reports
  • Revenue development
  • Production
  • Company development (actual vs. budgeted)
  • Overview over current marketing and sales activities
  • Project report and preview for specific cooperation
  • Quarterly: direct communication and workshops

Our advisory board comprises
international experts

  • additionally, a network of 10 experts in Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, London, Munich, and New York, among others
  • two full-time analysts: Felix Evert & Marcel Knöchelmann

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Dr. Sven Fund | CEO

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