fullstopp FLASH: London Book Fair Ahead

fullstopp FLASH: London Book Fair Ahead

Welcome to the seventh edition of fullstopp FLASH. With the London Book Fair ahead, all three of us are looking forward to a great week in the Brexit-shaken capital of the UK. Yet, with the headline “Taking Words Further”, the fair points to the right direction: Create the future of publishing, push the boundaries, and don’t rest on previous successes. How does your agenda look like? Let us meet in London!

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Sven Fund: The Changing Business of Business as Usual

How does your agenda for London Book Fair look like? After an amazing week in the US and Canada, I am looking forward to three busy days in London. I love this fair – it signals the beginning of spring, as Frankfurt does stand for fall. But this year, LBF is different. It’s not only earlier in the year. For the first time ever, I will have more meetings with companies that did not exist five years ago. And many of them are already pretty successful. Times are changing, also in publishing. Have a great fair and see us in London for a coffee.

Do you want to meet me in London? Reach out to me via sven.fund@fullstopp.com


Marcel Knöchelmann: Making Open Access Work for Scholarly Monographs

Let’s get specific! After years of Open Access publishing, trial and error should have provided us with strategies and tactics, with a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Yet, especially in book publishing, Open Access seems to be under massive constraints. Many of the advantages of publishing a monograph – compared to publishing a journal article – seem to turn into some sort of disadvantage when going Open Access, so-called experts say. But does it really?

I explore this in the soon-to-be published article “Open Access Book Publishing and the Prisoner’s Dilemma: A Theoretical Approach to a Description of the Slow Scalability of Open Access Book Publishing”. However, what are the practical approaches? Felix and I are going to explore this on Tuesday at our Insights Seminar Programme panel “Making Open Access Work for Monographs”. Drop by at 5.30 and listen to the strategies of Cambridge University Press, Knowledge Unlatched, Policy Press, and the British Library. We’re looking forward to meeting you there.

Save the date!

Do you want to meet me at the fair? Reach out to me via marcel.knoechelmann@fullstopp.com


Felix Evert: Making Words Go Further

Much more so than its larger sister event in Frankfurt, the London Book Fair always elicits an optimistic thirst for action. Could it be the vitalizing effect of spring time weather or the fact that end of year business and annual sales targets are still in comfortable distance? Whatever the reason is, the London Book Fair is a great time to launch an important, innovative new project for your publishing business. Your team will thank you for the opportunity to put its spring spirit to action.

Simultaneously, we’re still early in the year. If the project isn’t too comprehensive, first results will kick in before end of 2017. Still in hibernation? Just go ask your team for changes and improvements which they think will considerably enhance its performance in 2017. With the spring sun shedding new light on the business at hand, some great ideas will surface. Just go for it and make sure the words you publish go even further this year.

Further reading: Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Osterspaziergang

Do you want to meet me in London? Reach out to me via felix.evert@fullstopp.com


We wish you a successful working week!

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