Academic Self Publishing – Transparent, Fair, Independent

Academic Self Publishing – Transparent, Fair, Independent

Self-Publishing has truly changed the role of authors in publishing. Alike, in academic publishing, Open Access has set off a liberation of researchers: Authors have many options apart from just choosing different publishers. Along the whole publishing process, they can choose according to their skills and interest which tasks they want to take on themselves and which to pass on to third parties.

We at fullstopp monitor this change closely and guide authors, libraries, and publishers through the process. For our client Books on Demand (BoD), Europe’s leading digital publishing service provider, we developed a business model that adheres to and drives the change in academic publishing. PublIQation is the new service of BoD, and today is its official launch.

PublIQation gives the control over the development and production of a title back to the author, providing them with the option to choose services for their publication. From editing and cover design to a broad array of services and Open Access options – academic self-publishing made by PublIQation is the smart alternative to diffuse and lengthy publishing processes.

Moreover, the new service isn’t only directed to researchers. Institutions aspiring to publish single editions or a whole programme can make us of it as well. It is the aim of PublIQation to relieve institutions from administrative and technical tasks, enabling them to fully concentrate on their resrearch. Thus, even publishers can outsource certain parts of a programme or editions while maintaining high quality standards and profitability. This is made possible as PublIQation doesn’t push its brand and provides partnering companies and authors the opportunity to give the titles own identities and brands.

We are convinced that PublIQation is the answer to contemporary academic self-publishing – explore yourself: www.publiqation.com.

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